TRP Brake Pads Carbon Rims Brake Calipers

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You spend a bunch of money on a fancy new set of carbon rims so you'd better protect your investment with TRP Cross Brake Pads. The TRP Cross Pads are made from a carbon compound so they won't heat up like your girlfriend's hair dryer when grabbin' a handful of brake, whether it's wet or dry out.

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Brake pads: Carbon vs Al rims

I picked up a set of carbon rims for race use next season. The guy I bought them from gave me his cork brake pads too. While I could dedicate one bike for use with the carbons I'd like to be able to use them with the others and not be constantly changing pads. Is there a universal pad material for b ... Read More »

Dura-Ace carbon brake pads - compatible with non-carbon rims?

I can't seem to find this referenced anywhere online, so does anyone know if the Dura-Ace carbon brake pads will work with non-carbon wheels? After a particularly wet and sloppy ride recently, my buddy (who has carbon wheels and these Dura-Ace "carbon specific" pads) mentioned that he thought the ... Read More »

Brake pads for carbon rims

I've gone through the Reynolds pads that came with my mv32t wheels and I need to replace them. Took me about 2500 miles. I've read the posts on the SwissStops. I'm a little concerned about the squealing as my Reynolds pads hissed when I applied the brakes, not to mention the price. Read some ... Read More »

Brake pads for carbon rims

What are you guys using on carbon rims? I have some BORA's that came w/the Campagnolo carbon specific pads, they seem to be very rapidly wearing. I have 2007 Campagnolo Record Brakes. Thanks!Read More »

Let's talk about brake pads and carbon rims

So, I've been playing around with some Easton carbon wheels. They feel pretty awesome but for the braking. I have Tektro CR720 brakes (really good, BTW) with KoolStop Tectonic carbon-specific pads and the braking feels rather touchy and the fork shudder is just wicked. Aggressive toe-in helped some ... Read More »

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