All-City Cross Levers Brake Levers

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Cross Levers 31.8mm

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cross levers and BB7 disc brakes, good or bad idea ?

I don't really use cross levers when racing, but find them handy when commuting. It helps riding safely on the top of the handlebars to get a more upright position when in the middle of traffic. As my current stable is no longer driven by the n+1 rules, my cx and road bike serves a double duty a ... Read More »

Cross brake levers needed?

Do I really need an extra set of brake levers on my bars? I ran them for over a year now and it seems that there are more cons than pros associated with them. I can't remember ever thinking: "OMG good thing I had those levers there", while racing. And I think they affect the pull at the shif ... Read More »

Yokozuna Brake Housing with Cross Levers?

I am thinking about running some compressionless brake housing such as Yokozuna on my cross bike to see if I can eek out a bit more power from my canti's. I've heard that the Yokozuna brake housing is real stiff and difficult to bend. Anyone know if it would be too stiff to run with inline 'cross le ... Read More »

Cross brake levers

[img][/img] Has anyone installed these on a road bike? do I need to buy new cables and how does it splice into the brake system?Read More »

cross levers, necessary?

what's the general consensus on in-line levers these days. once you got 'em, never go back? or just an unused hinderance on the bars?Read More »

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