Cane Creek Crosstop Brake Levers

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Product Description

These bar-top levers are the sensible choice for Cyclocross bikes. They are designed to work in-line with traditional drop bar shifter/levers to provide additional braking control position on the top of handlebars. Crosstops are compatible with caliper or cantilever brakes.

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Crosstop lever removal

I have these on my bike from the previous owner. I want to remove them due to the fact that they're in the way of my hands. What all is involved in removing them? Will I need new cables and or housings, barrels, ect.....? [IMG] ... Read More »

How to set-up CC crosstop levers?

I am not using these in an in-line set up. Just alone. But I cannot figure it out with a weird bend for the front brakes.Read More »

crosstop levers and bar size

I purchased some crashbar crosstop levers a while back. went to install them on my wife's bike and the clamp is too small. it's hinged so you cannot just stretch it. They fit on the end of my aero bullhorns, so they will go to the fixee... they were cheap... wonder why! they fit on those bars. ... Read More »

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