Dia-Compe Barend Brake Levers

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DiaCompe Barend Brake Levers (188) is a classic high quality barend brake lever. To be used on tri bikes or fixies.

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barend shifters

anyone know if shimano 10 spd barend shifters will work with ultegra 10 speed rear der.Read More »

Only 5 steps on SIS 8 spd barend shifter

Doing a rebuild of a Trek 520 for a daughter to use. I had everything reassembled and tested and it seemed to be fine, but during a family went ride daughter says the rear derailleur is slipping. Looking more closely at the shift I see that I hadn't fitted the the lever housing to the barend base ... Read More »

Wrenching Oops - barend shifter removal fail

Fitting an old Trek 520 for a different rider in the house I was going to put on wider handlebars. In removing the first barend shifter I couldn't believe how tightly it had been assembled. I tried so hard to loosen the interior mounting bolt that I stripped it. Then, on the other side, I realized ... Read More »

Barend shifters

I've been trying to adjust mine for about 4 hours now and I'm doing something wrong and can't figure it out. I tried adjusting them the way you would with STI shifters, but that wouldn't work. Then I got my book out from Zinn and tried it that way and I still couldn't get it. His book says to put ... Read More »

Need help with DA10 barend shifters

Was doing a stem swap today which meant removing the brake lever and the bar end to remove the quill stem. You need to disassemble the shifter to get to the internal allen screw to remove from barend. Somehow mine came apart big time; washers/bushings a snap ring all came out. I am trying to figure ... Read More »

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