Paul Components Cross Lever Brake Levers

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Paul Components E-Lever Cross Levers: Designed for use on fixed gear applications. Clamps to flat portion of bar not the stem clamp area. For use with road calipers or cantilever brakes. Sold individually, right and left specific...

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Cross lever with center pull caliper brake?

I'm planning on just running a front brake on my fixie with a cross lever. I have a center pull caliper. My question is, do I HAVE to run the cable housing thru the piece on the stem? I can't run it directly to the caliper like a side-pull caliper can I? If I have to do it the former way, I will ... Read More »

Cross lever with Q/R?

I've got an old conversion with a centerpull front brake that I'd like to keep using. The caliper has no quick release (Q/R) mechanism, so the original levers included the Q/R. I know that Cane Creek and Tektro make aero levers with a Q/R... but are there any cross levers with a similar Q/R mechanis ... Read More »

Front brake lever: Cross or MTB?

I'm finally making my SS into a fixie! I'm planning on running a front brake but don't want to use the original road levers. I like the idea of having a cross or MTB type lever on the flats. Are cross levers the only kind compatible with drop bars or can MTB levers work as well? Are MTB levers t ... Read More »

Cross lever on the bulge

Is anyone running a cross lever on the bulge of their Nitto bullhorns (sans shims)? If so, what brand of lever? thanks, Drbbt:thumbsup:Read More »

What to do with that extra cross brake lever?

What to do with that extra cross lever? This maybe old news for some, but incase some didn't know... I rigged two cross levers on one side to have dual braking positions on the end of the bullhorns and at the top flat sections. The cross levers can take cables routed through in either directio ... Read More »

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