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Mafac brake levers removal from tandem handlebars

The right Mafac lever controls both rear and front cantilever brakes. The twin cables [ATTACH=CONFIG]282775[/ATTACH] prevent access to the nut clamping the lever to the bars and neither cable [ATTACH=CONFIG]282774[/ATTACH] can be pushed in to slide the end cable stop (if there is one) loose an ... Read More »

Looking for hoods for Suntour GPX aero brake levers

I've been looking for hoods for Suntour GPX aero brake levers and my google searches have yielded lots of messages saying these are hard to find. Any suggestions for what would work as a substitute?Read More »

Retro Brake Levers

I'm looking for suggestions for some old-school looking brake levers for a retro-looking build of a early-80s Gios Torino. Basic requirements are silver aluminum levers, gum hoods, and cables exiting the top of the levers (not rearward along the bars). I don't see any new levers that have all ... Read More »

quick release for inverse brake levers?

possibly a stupid question, but is there a quick release available when using inverse levers such as Dia Compe Inverse Brake Levers? i'd like to keep my old campy calipersRead More »

Cross brake levers needed?

Do I really need an extra set of brake levers on my bars? I ran them for over a year now and it seems that there are more cons than pros associated with them. I can't remember ever thinking: "OMG good thing I had those levers there", while racing. And I think they affect the pull at the shif ... Read More »

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