Shimano Brake Lever Hoods Brake Levers

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The Shimano Single Button Brake Lever Hoods. Includes left and right hood....

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Brake lever hoods help please

I have ultegra 6800 levers and I'm looking to find red hoods but can't find any. Are there any other levers that are compatible ? That would use the same hood? I've read that the dura ace levers are close. Does anyone know what I can do?Read More »

Dopey Question - Brake Lever Hoods

I have everything to do teh SRAM to Campy conversion! One wuestion I have is that I would prefer Red hoods (which i have ordered), but am not sure if I can swap the hoods once the shifter/brake levers are installed, or if this has to be done before the levers go on the handlebar. Thanx in advance, ... Read More »

Old brake levers, with the second lever, and hoods?

Hi, A friend has a new bike, a sort of ladies road bike, and it has brake levers like these. Now I'm pretty sure that she likes them, as she can brake without being on the hoods or drops. The bike is just for the odd sunday ride out to a local village for lunch sort of thing, not for 'training' o ... Read More »

Need source for Superbe Pro Aero brake lever hoods

Last weekend I took the plunge and bought a very choice set of SunTour Superbe Pro hidden spring calipers and matching aero brake levers. These are more beautiful than I even expected. Problem is, the hoods for the brake levers are gone. I posted a query on the other bike forum I frequent and got a ... Read More »

Replacing Cane Creek brake lever hoods

I have a pair of the SCR-5 brake levers and I've worn out the gum hoods. I bought another pair of hoods and put them on but I'm finding that they fit a little loosely and occasionally one of the hoods twists sideways. I'm wondering if it makes a difference which brake lever you put a hood on - are t ... Read More »

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