Specialized Top Mount Brake Levers

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Top mount single brake?

This may be burried somewhere in RBR but I'm not talented enough or maybe just too lazy to find it. I saw a posting of someone's SS on a blog of a double-handled, single top-mount brake. Even though the handles went to the right and to the left it was one pice. It was positioned near the center o ... Read More »

Top Mount Brake Levers

Hello,:) I would like your help please in taking off my top mount break levers they are Tektro RL 570. Will I have to get new brake cables or can I take these brake levers off with out having to buy and install new cables ? :idea: :( I thank you for your time and appreciate any help I can get ... Read More »

Top Mount Brake Levers

Are top mount brake levers good or bad? I don't see a lot of guys running them.Read More »

Frame Pump - Top Bar Mount

Hey everyone. I'm looking for a frame pump that mounts to the top bar. Any recommendations? I was surprised at my difficulty in finding one. I've been to Peformance and Trek stores here in San Diego and no luck. I picked up a Topeak that says it's top bar mount, but basically it's a small cage ... Read More »

TRP Top mount lever parts?

Crossers, I have a pair of TRP carbon top mount levers, and have an issue. Where the cable exits the lever (going to the brake itself) there is an insert ( I think it's a ferrule, but could be mistaken) that allows you to turn it to tweak the cable tension. I have managed to break one of these ... Read More »

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