SRAM TT Brake Levers

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MSRP : $115.00

Product Description

  • 100 grams per pair
  • Full carbon-fiber construction
  • Compatible with most brake calipers

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TT/Aero/U-Brake vs standard side-pull brake for road bike

Brakes such as the [URL=""]TRP T925[/URL] or [URL=""]Campagnolo TT brakes[/URL] can be mounted the same way as regular side-pull brakes. If they are more ae ... Read More »

New BikesDirect TT Bikes?

Hello Bikes Direct, You're down to just a few TT bikes in inventory. 10 speed. Will you update your Kestral supply any time soon? Thanks!Read More »

Cancellara's time penalty in the TT

I just read about Cancellara being penalized 7 seconds for drafting during the TT the other day, taking him from second to third. What was he drafting? A rider he caught up to? Or a race moto? If a race moto, that's lame, as the moto should be keeping ahead far enough he couldn't draft it. Obviou ... Read More »

Bianchi Vintage TT Funny Bike

Licking my wounds a bit here. Wasn't fast enough to pick this up which was sold locally within the hour. So how collectible are things like this? I can't say I see this for sale every day.Read More »

Setting up Road Bike positioning to match TT position. Any problems?

I have recently set up my road bike positioning to match my TT position. I lowered my handlebar height by 2cm (7.5cm to 9.5cm below saddle height). I have short arms. I then moved my seat forward from 5.5cm to 3.5cm behind BB. The idea behind it is so I can be much more aerodynamic when attacking, f ... Read More »

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