Zipp Speed Weaponry Vuka Brake Levers

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Product Description

The center-pull design routes the brake cables directly into the Vuka Bull, or most competitor's base bars, increasing aerodynamics and eliminating messy and potentially uncomfortable external cables. The blade-like lever utilizes that same super aero shape, and confident stopping feel as our VukaAero integrated aerobar system.

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Zipp Vuka Sprint Handlebars

Hey everyone. I've seen some threads back in 2012 on these bars. I really like the flat/aero profile of these bars and seriously considering purchasing for my Venge. My question there any way to mount a barfly or something similar on the bar next to the stem? If not, has anyone come out wit ... Read More »

Zipp Vuka Sprint Bar

Just installed the new Zipp Vuka Sprint bar on my ride. Big improvement over the standard bar. Makes for a very comfortable ride. I was going to go with a bar from FSA but when I saw the Zipp it was love at first sight :thumbsup: [URL=""][/URL]Read More »

Zipp Vuka R2C Shifters - Tech Info

I just got a tech update release from Zipp and thought I would share it here for anyone who does their own wrenching and has these shifters... [quote]There are 2 bolts on the Vuka R2C Shifters. One uses a 4mm allen wrench and one uses 5mm allen wrench. The 4mm bolt (see picture) is used to attached ... Read More »

Zipp Vuka v.s. Easton EC70 Clip On Aero Bar

I just completed my first duathlon last weekend. Its extremely addicting as im sure some of you know. I placed 33rd out of 128. The bike portion was 12 miles and I averaged 19.19 mph. Needless to say I was passed by many tri bikes with carbon disk wheels and aero bars. I'm looking to put some aero b ... Read More »

Zipp Vuka aerobars

I just read on that Zipp has some new aerobars out. They look sweet, however, they are $1200....that's right $1200. Looks like road cycling has developed into a rich man's only sport. I'll think I'll be sticking with my $100 Profile clip ons. Sheessh !! --MattRead More »

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