Jagwire Basics Brake Pads

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Jagwire Basics Comp Road Molded Threaded Brake Shoe: Basic Shimano Compatible Road Shoes. All-Weather Compound...

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gears and cranks basics.

Standard doubles (if there is such a things as a standard double). Compact. Triple. Can someone post pro's and cons. In the next post I will give my experience from a long trip.Read More »

Free Cycling Training Basics Book

Thought some of you might be interested in this resource free cycling training book: [url]http://www.mindsettriathlon.com/prod...s_id=1267&it=1[/url] MindsetTriathlon Looks pretty good! The site also has a bunch of popular running, swimming and cycling books, all downloadable and much cheaper than ... Read More »

Commuting Basics?

Hi Gang, I just made a decision to commute to work and rode in today for the first time. Yeah! However, I have some logisitc type questions. :confused: I have a fairly short commute (~4 miles) and flat and somewhat traffic-y since I'm in NYC so not a hard effort if I don't want to push it ... Read More »

Basics of compact frames.....for dummies like me?

What is the big advantage, if any. I'm probably a sizing weirdo, oddity. I'm 6'1" 180 lbs. My ideal tt + stem length according to my fitter whom I trust a lot, is 69cm. However, that is putting me in an extremely aggressive riding position that I was once able to fit to. I'm older and like a mo ... Read More »

Single speed question- basics

Why do SS bikes not come with the quick release for the wheels???Read More »

Read More »



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