Kool-Stop MTN Shoes Brake Pads

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The Kool-Stop Mountain Pads Brake Shoe are intended for use on linear pull brakes and feature a threaded post mount....

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Overshoes for MTN shoes versus Road

I know there are quite a few threads on overshoes but I looked and I can't find any that address the difference between those made for mtn bike shoes versus road. If it's been discussed and I missed it, I apologize. At any rate, I need some overshoes for my mtn bike shoes. There seems to be a lot ... Read More »

best road pedals for mtn bike shoes

I am building a new bike, and am looking for pedal options. It seems that most of the road pedals use the non-spd (2 hole) platform. Is this primarily for the pedals with a larger 'pressure area'? I currently run eggbeaters on my cross bike, and it's not too bad for medium distances (30-50 mi). ... Read More »

Specialized Road/MTN shoes?

I am a new rider to road and have been riding mountain. I race for a college team so we get a really good discount so I have the chance to order shoes along with my road bike. I do ride mountain too and haven't jumped on clipless with that bike yet. I have the option to buy two pairs of shoes. s ... Read More »

Road pedals/shoes vs. mtn pedals/shoes

So I just got into road biking from mountain biking and was wondering: Since I have decent mid-level shoes and clipless pedals on my mountain bike, is it worth the money to buy road pedals and shoes for the road bike (I'm on somewhat of a tight budget), or should I just use the mountain pedals on b ... Read More »

road shoes vs. mtn. shoes

i just got my new road bike, and planned on using my mtb shoes while riding. my lbs threw on a cheap pair of spd pedals for me, no charge. i've been toying around the idea of buying some road shoes and pedals, but i'm not totally convinced i need it. what are the real differences between the sh ... Read More »

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