Kool-Stop Salmon pads Brake Pads

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The Kool Stop Thinline brake pads feature a low profile for systems with tight brake clearance. This also helps make wheel removal easier. Spherical washers allow easier toe-in and pad adjustment. Angled tip helps remove mud and rain from rims. Compatible with threaded-post cantilever or linear pull brakes. Black compound for normal conditions Salmon compound for extreme conditions. 55 gramspair.

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brake pads for aluminium clincher rims ? Koolstop Pink Salmon? Others?

greetings everyone after 2+ years my Koolstop pink Salmon pads look like need replacing. I have aluminum rims with clinchers, group-set and brakes are Shimano Ultegra 10-speed, 2010 model. I find them OK pads, better than 2012 Shimano pads they replaced (more so in wet!!) but I am always lo ... Read More »

Shimano or Coolstop Salmon pads - work with SRAM Rival brake cartridge?

I have Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels on my old bike, which had Shimano 105 dual-pivot brakes. The 105 brakes (with Shimano cartridges and pads) have always worked very well braking with the Ksyrium SL wheel rims. I can actually lock up the rear wheel and skid if I press the brake levers hard enough. ... Read More »

can I use Kool-Stop salmon pads on carbon rims?

or will it cause an explosion? [img]http://www.sheldonbrown.com/harris/images/koolstop/campiholder.jpg[/img]Read More »

kool stop salmon vs swiss stop green pads

Hi , need some shimano compat brake pads. did a search and i did not see a direct comparison. tried the kool stop dual compound on campag before... i thought they were 'just ok' compared to oem... anyone tried both on the same bike/gruppo? the greens and salmons are meant to be the soft hig ... Read More »

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