Kool-Stop Tectonic Brake Pads

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The Kool-Stop Tectonic Brake Shoe is available in many different colors.   Item Specifications Post Mount Type Threaded ...

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Tectonic shift in American culture if the current president wins

If Mr O. wins tomorrow, there will be a tectonic shift in American culture that has never before seen. First off, government will become bigger, much bigger, meaning more taxes, they say 70% personal tax may be a reality to support big government, government-mandated healthcare, etc. Secondly, ... Read More »

kool stop tectonic pads: any good?

Are the Kool Stop Tectonic pads, with the 3 different types of pad so one can "customize" worthwhile? Are they better than the plain black or the orange/black pads? Thanks.Read More »

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