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Heat and brake pads

Curious what pads you all would recommend that generate the least amount of heat when applied? I understand there are "run cool" pads for carbon wheels, not sure if there's the equivalent for alum track wheels.Read More »

Brake Pads? Tektro R539

I have a 2012 Synapse 105 w/ Tektro R539 brakes. I'm not sure what brake pad/shoe to use?? :( I ordered a set of Kool Stop and it's the wrong ones.Read More »

SwissStop BHP Blue brake pads

:thumbsup: Just a quick plug for the new SwissStop BHP Blue Flash Pro brake pads. I've been on them for a couple of weeks and they are the best pads on alloy rims I have ever used. I have been a loyal KoolStop guy over the years, but I will admit these pads are better. Not much use in the wet ... Read More »

SRAM Carbon Brake Pads

Just wanted to advise everyone out there who may have Bontragger Carbon Rims (I have/had Aeolus) not to use the Yellow SRAM Carbon Specific Bike Pads (Force, Red, Etc). My rims de-laminated after just one mile of a descent and failed completely. Only use Cork for Bontragger wheels. Hoping that SRAM ... Read More »

Brake Pads

Need input. Guy at LBS just scratches his head. I have two bikes with Campy brakes. One has Campy rims, the other Velocity. The bike with Velocity rims has major moxy in the anchor department even though the pads are ancient. The braking on the Campy rims is :rolleyes:. Both are clean (pads & rims) ... Read More »

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