Ritchey SuperLogic Brake Pads

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MSRP : $8.00

Product Description

  • Shimano caliper compatible
  • Best in dry conditions

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Ritchey Superlogic Carbon 46mm Clinchers

Looking for an all-rounder type of wheel for the coming season - to be used for fast group rides/training rides and racing. They will be my everyday, do everything wheels. I live and train in rolling terrain. My budget ceiling is $2000. I'm 180-185lbs, and a fairly strong/powerful rider. I wa ... Read More »

Question for Anyone who has a Ritchey SuperLogic (Carbon) Stubby

Could someone who has the SuperLogic carbon stubby tell me what is the maximum recommended torque (it is supposedly written on the stubby)? Is it 5Nm like the alloy WCS version? I am interested to know since I am wondering if I could use the Ritchey Tool Torque Key M4 5Nm with it, but I don't have t ... Read More »

New Ritchey Superlogic Wheels

[IMG]http://www.ritcheylogic.com/dimg/thm/t448_20246f877abda8573c25d1e13a35e982.jpg[/IMG] Just released into the wild. Clinchers weigh only 1,395g per set, while the tubulars are an amazing 1,171g. These wheels have changed my life.Read More »

Anyone try Ritchey SuperLogic Carbon Wheelset?

Any one try them out especially the clinchers??? Or know any good info on them? They look nice and 1200grams for clinchers even looks better.Read More »

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