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SRAM Road Disc Brake Pads Replace old worn out brake pads for superior braking power. SRAM road disc brake pads feature a sintered compound, are economically priced, and provide excellent braking power, to take you from 30 to 0 fast! ...

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Brake Pad Replacement for Tektro 'e' Brakes

Time to replace the pads on my Soloist Team. It has the black 'e' Cervelo brakes on it that I understand are Tektros. I need to replace the brake pads. They look like Shimano pad holders to me so I assume any Shimano Ultegra or Dura Ace pad will fit. I'm thinking Kool Stop Salmon Shimano replacement ... Read More »

Brake Pad Replacement

Hello; Need help finding replacement pads for DiaCompe ACG300 brakes. Any ideas what other pads will work? Thanks (Hope I can stop!!) 8BallRead More »

2010 Allez Elite Brake Pad Replacement

Looking to replace the stock Tektro brake pads on my 2010 Allez. Will it be possible to just replace the pad itself or will I have to replace both the holder and pad? If replacing just the pad is possible which Kool Stop replacements do I need to purchase that will fit the Tektro's?Read More »

brake pad replacement

Should brake pads be replaced even if they are not worn to the line (Dura Ace). Bike is two years old with 9,000 mi. and we ride a lot of hills. A friend with new Ultegra commented on how good the brakes were. Was wondering if that was because of the new pads.Read More »

campy brake pad replacement

I've been running the same pads for about 7 years now (y2k chorus dual pivots) and they are getting close to that "limit" line. Can I keep running them until they are past the line or am I pushing my luck? also...should I replace with campy or is there a better pad out there?Read More »

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