Zipp Speed Weaponry Carbon Brake Pads Brake Pads

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Made for not just Zipp wheels, but any all-carbon rim, these pads are specially formulated to disperse heat created by braking friction evenly.

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Brake Pads for Carbon/Alum

For those of you that swap between Carbon and Alum rims pretty regularly, what are you using for brake pads? I hear the SwissStop Yellows work well, but I was wondering how the Black Prince work on Aluminum rims? All the threads I have seen regarding this were a bit outdated with some of the n ... Read More »

Carbon Specific Brake Pads

Good Morning. My Reynolds 32 carbon wheels came with blue proprietary brake pads. Does anyone know if black carbon specific pads are available that will still be safe to use on these wheels? Mine are worn out and I would like to replace them with black ones. They are on Shimano road calipers. Than ... Read More »

SRAM Carbon Brake Pads

Just wanted to advise everyone out there who may have Bontragger Carbon Rims (I have/had Aeolus) not to use the Yellow SRAM Carbon Specific Bike Pads (Force, Red, Etc). My rims de-laminated after just one mile of a descent and failed completely. Only use Cork for Bontragger wheels. Hoping that SRAM ... Read More »

Carbon wheel brake pads

I have some Swisstop yellow pads and I'm wondering if there is something that works better in the rain? I got a new bike(new to me) and I'm trying to dial in this braking thing. The wheels are the worst carbon wheels ever. Bontrager XXXs, all the weight of an alloy wheel, with the fun of poor br ... Read More »

WTB: Bontrager Carbon brake pads (cork)

Anyone know where to find these at a discount? $60 shipped on eBay is the best I've found.Read More »

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