Bellwether Long Sleeve Base Layer

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Bellwether's base layers made of Spin-Tech fabric are designed to maximize moisture expulsion. Spin-Tech fabric is a uniquely spun micro fabric that quickly absorbs moisture from the body and transfers it away from the skin where it can be evaporated. Made in USA.

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Good wool long sleeve for reasonable cost??

I had got a poo brown Trek branded wool jersey in the late 90s. I winter wore it into a rag, only giving up on it after many many darnings. Like to get someting else that wore and worked as well as it did, I think it was made by Canari. Breathed yet was warm without being too warm. Planning on ... Read More »

Jacket or long sleeve jerseys for fall apparel?

What do you guys wear in cool day riding? Do you invest on 1 or 2 jackets or bunch of long sleeve jerseys?Read More »

Summer long sleeve jerseys list

Hello, I'm still trying to find some new long-sleeved jerseys for hot sunny weather. Can I ask for your experience to complete the following list? [LIST=1] [*] [URL=""]Mavic HC Long sleeve jersey[/URL]. Super light. Little lo ... Read More »

$16 Pearl Izumi Quest Long Sleeve jersey in Hi Vis Yellow at Amazon

Only sizes Med and Large at this price. Get two and get free shipping. No telling how long this will last with Amazon's dynamic price thing [URL=""] Pearl Izumi Men's Quest Long Sleeve Jersey, Screaming ... Read More »

WTB long sleeve jersey with windstopper front...

I've been looking for a cool weather thermal long sleeve jersey that has windstopper or similar only in the front and fronts of the arms, not on back or backs of the arms. The back should be freely permeable knit without a membrane. Looking for a "competition fit". Any suggestions as to brand and ... Read More »

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