Capo Torino Base Layer

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Capo Torino SS Base Layer: The Torino Short Sleeve Base Layer is constructed using Stretto Fabric. This soft polyester filament has a rib channeled face for rapid moisture transfer and abrasion resistance...

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Orange Gios Torino? What do I have?

Folks, Please have a look at the attached photos and let me know if you know what I might have. My research suggests it might be a 1981 model, but that's about all I've been able to find. Not sure if what I've got is authentic. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. [ATTACH=CONFIG]295590[/ATTACH][A ... Read More »

80s Gios Torino?

Ok, I've finally earned photo upload rights... I bought this bike used in the summer of 87'... Who can tell me anything about it? Year of origin? Anything particularly interesting about it? Should I restore it? Ready... Go!! And Thanks in advance!![ATTACH=CONFIG]293188[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]293187[ ... Read More »

help registering a Gios Torino

I want to register my Gios Torino Super Record, but when I go to the site, it is in Italian and sadly, I can't read or speak Italian - I need help finding the correct link.Read More »

Help me decide what to do with my Gios Torino w/ Campy Croce'D'Auna 49 Cm

It's a beautiful vintage Columbus SL, and I've always liked the feel of steel. Wheels are new Mavic Open Pro. It is, however, 21.5 lbs and I am a 130 lb age 55 rider still climbing mountains. To cut weight, change fork and seat tube to carbon and call it a day? Go with a modern lighter steel frame? ... Read More »

Help with my Gios Torino - SR

Ok, so I've had this Gios since I was 16 (1987), which I bought used from the owner of a bike shop where I worked. I'm thinking about "restoring it", but wonder if it's better to leave it somewhat original or doing a full restore? In regards to general interest, value, etc... Thanks!! I'm at wor ... Read More »

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