Craft Active Base Layer

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Question for the active racers

No, not trolling. I do request responses from those who have raced at least in the last 2 years or plan on starting. Not that I don't appreciate non-racers..... Has this incident made you not want to race? Would you boycott sanctioned races? There is zero change to my plans and I don't pl ... Read More »

Android smartphone as a bike computer, SE XPeria Active

After I saw Sony-Ericson XPeria Active that come with build in ANT, I really excited an wanna get one. Since I 've used an old "yellow" powertap cervo for a long time. Actually, deep in my heart, I guessed that one day smartphone will use their potential to take place of cycling computer. After my ... Read More »

Craft Active Bike Cycling Bib Shorts $33

I have two pairs of these Craft Active Bike Cycling Bib Shorts and one pair of their more expensive Performance Race Cycling Bib Shorts from PBK. There are differences in the quality and construction, but the differences while riding in them are not very noticeable. Craft makes very great quality pr ... Read More »

Encouraging kids to be active...WTF?

Was totally amazed when I read this: [url=]Bike Walk Tennessee: Arrested for Riding Bike to School[/url]Read More »

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