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What is your favorite base layer

Went for a ride yesterday in the high 50's damp weather and was too cold. Had on a Craft zero sleeveless baselayer, armwarmers, S/S jersey, PI aero vest, leg warmers. Ended up putting newspaper under my arm warmers and jersey. Considering a Craft Active Extreme L/S Base Layer. I don't think i need ... Read More »

base layer - what are you preferences?

Hi guys, what do you use as base layer for winter riding? Compression or looser base layer? Sill, polyester, any other hints? ThanksRead More »

Mesh Base Layer

Does anyone ride with a Mesh Base Layer? I noticed the pros where them and was contemplating getting one for the heat this summer. I was just curious if they were actually effective in cooling you off (I live in Texas, it gets really hot)Read More »

Bibstraps - over or under your base layer?

Never thought about it until today. What's correct?Read More »

How important is a hot weather base layer?

I mean, we spend this money on jerseys that are made of a special fabric that is ment to keep you cool and wick sweat. I can think of a base layer keeping your jersey drier from sweat making it more breathable, is that why? thanks!Read More »

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