Bellwether Skull Caps

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Fits snugly under your helmet, adding a layer of insulation and wind protection. Brushed micro-fleece Thermo-Dry fabric. 1 size fits all...

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I want your skull

What I think of when I see EverydayRide's post below... Edit to add (just for good measure): Read More »

Three years after a crash with 5 skull fractures

My riding partner, Mary, crashed on a January morning three years ago. For no apparent reason, she went over the bars on a perfectly straight stretch of perfectly smooth blacktop on a perfect riding morning. The crash left her with double vision, vertigo and short-term memory loss. Here's a link t ... Read More »

Face to skull ratio

A former Cubs' pitcher died, and this picture ran in the obit column. The reporter over his right shoulder has the lowest face to skull ratio I've ever seen.Read More »

Skull Valley RR

Anyone watch this board that is planning on riding in the Skull Valley Road Race? If so would you happen to know the course? I race mountain bikes but have decided to dabble on the road a bit.Read More »

Do you use bandana, due rag, skull cap?

Do you use bandana, due rag, skull cap on top of your head? What is the purpose of these, to keep the sweat out of your eyes?Read More »

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