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Take off your helmet, change out of your skin-clad gear, and put on the Campagnolo Sportswear Hat when you grab a beer with everyone after the race. This cap features the classic short brim that won't get in your way when it's your turn to drink bubbly from from the trophy your team won.

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Winter cycling cap/hat with good ear coverage?

Man, this is getting to be like the quest in finding the right saddle. I have tried Santini, Rapha and just now, a Giordana Thermosquare cap. I don't have a huge head......59cm. I have one last option that I know of, the ASSOS Fuguhelm Winter Hat, but it looks strange in some of the photos though ... Read More »

I think I might have just the idea for the hat rack I need....

[url=]Upcycle Fetish[/url] [IMG][/IMG]Read More »


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A Dog in A Hat: An American Bike Racer's Story Books

Great book I just finished. If you like Bobke II, you will like this book. Refreshing to read a light hearted book about Euro Pro racing. [I][QUOTE]In 1987, cyclist Joe Parkin left the comforts of home to become a bike racer in Belgium, the hardest place in the world to be a bike racer. As one o ... Read More »

Spy Satellites... get out your tin foil hat!

Apparently Hubble was built years after the NRO had similar telescopes in orbit (built in 1976!), but pointing at your backyard! [url=]NASA gets two military spy t ... Read More »

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