Campagnolo Wings Caps

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The Campagnolo Sportswear Wings Cap serves up a fresh take on Italian cycling iconography. The Wings Cap puts the classic Campagnolo Wings up on a pedestal with an over-sized print wrapping from the front to the back of the cap. Campy added a subtle dash of the Champion Stripes to remind people who they're dealing with. Your frame's carbon head tube is oversized, the amount of love you show Campagnolo should be, too.The Campagnolo Sportswear Wings Cap is fitted with an elastic back for maximum comfort under the helmet or off the bike. The Campagnolo Sportswear Wings Cap is One-size-fits-all, and is available in colors Lake and Yellow.

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Looking for Plastic "Wings" for Toupe.

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Roasted wings = turned out pretty good

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Buffalo Wild Wings gives me gas

Don4's car before BWW: [IMG][/IMG] Don4's car after BWW: [IMG][/IMG] I pooped a leaf.Read More »


May seem like a silly question, but what purpose do the "wings" on the bottom of brake pad holders serve?Read More »

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