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Capo Podium Caps

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Product Description

Toss on your Capoforma Menas Podium Cap to protect your eyes from the high-pressure champagne bath you're about to receive after you accept your medal. Mesh keeps your head cool while you stand under the hot lights on the podium, and the FlexFit brim maintains a comfortable fit even if your head swells a little when beautiful women scream your name from the crowd.

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SEXISM IN CYCLING: first the degradation of podium girls, now this

Colombia has picked these nude-looking bike kits for their women's team in the Giro di Toscana. Is it time we fans took a principled stand? [url=http://www.bikeitalia.it/2014/09/15/peggiore-divisa-bici-storia-ciclismo/]La peggiore divisa da bici della storia del ciclismo[/url]Read More »

New bike? Diamondback Podium 6 Di2, yes or no?

Looking to get into Di2 and current frame is old enough that it could be time for a complete new build. Anyone have any experience? Less than $2500 for Di2 seems like a decent deal. Anything else I should be looking at around $2500? There is also a GT and, possibly, a Giant Defy Composite 0 around ... Read More »

Camelback podium not opening?

So I'm mighty pissed. Today while riding i dropped my camelback podium big chill. No big deal I thought. After the ride i tried opening it to fill it with water. It won't budge. No matter how hard i try I just simply won't open. Friends tried twisting it open but it simply won't. It's like its in co ... Read More »

Podium Ice--they're back!

Good news for those of us who've been hoarding our precious Camelbak Podium Ice bottles. Camelbak appears to have brought them back. I got mine from Austin Kayak.Read More »

Podium Goyles

A stone fox...... or something?:idea: [ATTACH=CONFIG]295606[/ATTACH]Read More »

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