Castelli Skullcap Caps

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The Castelli skullcap is perfect for chilly weather riding. Can be worn alone or under helmet.

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? re: sunglasses, skullcap, & helmet playing nicely

Ok, this might be a super dumb question, but when you’re wearing a skull cap under your helmet, how do you position your sunglasses? There’s no ‘notch’ between your head and ear to rest the earpieces in, so you have to choose between resting them higher up, thus angling your glasses down, or runnin ... Read More »

I need a bigger skullcap!

I swear my head is not obscenely humongous (not that one you sickos!), I am NOT a bobblehead, but it seems every skullcap I order is made for midgets. It hurts my head after a while they're so small. I tried Nashbar and Adidas. The Nashbar one is small AND cheap, total waste of $. They all seem to b ... Read More »

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