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Yeah, that winter beanie with the pom on top isn't really working out so well under your bike helmet. The GORE Bike Wear Helmet Cap's WindStopper Soft Shell fabric blocks wind, breathes, and stretches like a comfy mid-layer for your noggin. Slide your helmet over this bike cap and leave your chunky beanies for the slopes.

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New Removable Helmet Strap Technology

I’m a small business owner. My company has developed a unique clip system that allows you to safely remove the neck strap from the helmet for cleaning, or exchanging of other strap systems. As a cyclist myself, I know first hand how dirty & smelly the strap can get, and how difficult it is to clean ... Read More »

Louis garneau recalls p-09 aerodynamic helmet

[url=http://www.louisgarneau.com/in-en/Company/News/]Louis Garneau » Company » In the News[/url]Read More »

Report: Michael Schumacher's Brain Injury Caused by Helmet-Mounted GoPro

OK, He wasn't cycling when he suffered the injury, but how many people here have helmet mounted cameras? [url=http://gawker.com/michael-schumacher-brain-injury-reportedly-caused-by-he-1645544653]Report: Michael Schumacher's Brain Injury Caused by Helmet-Mounted GoPro[/url] 'The problem for Mic ... Read More »

Style - Cap under helmet

What is up with everyone wearing cycling caps under their helmets these days? It's in the advertisements, magazine articles, everywhere. If it's raining, snowing, cold, cross race, muddy I am all for it. Note: Edited post. I didn't think it would stir up that much emotion. Apologies. ... Read More »

Hmm. $20 Giro Helmet from China....

[url=http://www.ebay.com/itm/GIRO-Men-lady-Adult-Street-Bike-Bicycle-Cycling-Safety-Carbon-Helmet-color-Visor-/231334580246?pt=US_Helmets&var=&hash=item35dc9d9016#ht_5295wt_1147]Giro Men Lady Adult Street Bike Bicycle Cycling Safety Carbon Helmet Color Visor | eBay[/url] Any idea what model??Read More »

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