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Yeah, that winter beanie with the pom on top isn't really working out so well under your bike helmet. The GORE Bike Wear Helmet Cap's WindStopper Soft Shell fabric blocks wind, breathes, and stretches like a comfy mid-layer for your noggin. Slide your helmet over this bike cap and leave your chunky beanies for the slopes.

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Biketiresdirect Catlike Mixino Helmet $180

I stumbled on this yesterday. Biketiresdirect has the catlike mixino for $179 (and change). If you were looking for one of these, this is the lowest price I've seen (other than used on ebay). When you factor in their rewards points it gets better.Read More »

Looking for a Lazer helmet...best price?

Either the O2 or Genesis. Universal has the O2 for $90 after 10% off on orders over $100 but shipping is $10. Really need a new helmet but trying to keep it at $100 or less.Read More »

Helmet makers should also push mirrors

I've been using a cycling mirror for over 30 years, and interesting I don't see more riders using them, especially on group rides. You wouldn't think of driving your car without a rear-view mirrow, so why not on a bicycle. It's a vehicle, and your on the street with traffic. Once you've used ... Read More »

Does each TDF team bring KOM, yellow, green, white variants of jersey/bib/helmet?

I've always wondered how this works: So, I just dropped a bunch of TdF suckas, blasted through whatever gates they had set up on top of each climb and won the right to wear the red dots. Next day, I show up at the starting line polka'd out head to toe, helmet included... where the hell does this ... Read More »

lifebeam helmet

[url=http://www.slate.com/blogs/trending/2013/05/28/smart_bike_helmet_new_helmet_measures_bicyclists_heart_rates.html]Smart bike helmet: New helmet measures bicyclists' heart rates.[/url] All kinds of awesome if this comes off for the consumer market. [url=http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/smart ... Read More »

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