Pearl Izumi Cotton Caps

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Pearl Izumi Cotton Cycling Cap: Insert helps bill keep its shape. Stretch to fit in one size. Content: 100% Cotton

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Why are cycling caps cotton?

So we spend a fortune on high tech cycling gear but cycling caps are cotton. What's up with that? Other than Pearl and Walz I can't find other caps that are made of something that won't just get wet and hold on to sweat.Read More »

unable to catch mountain bike guy with kickstand and white cotton shirt

[I]hey mountain bike guy slick tires and right side pannier can't seem to catch you white cotton t-shirt... is that a kickstand i see? oh dear. out of shape. a pretty day, though and on my sansa clip plus i listened to this:[/I] peter murphy - low room steeldrivers - higher than the ... Read More »

Cotton Bar Tape

Other than the classic look and sweet harlequin wrap patterns that it is conducive to, is there any other benefits to using cotton bar tape? I've got a Fuji America I'm slowly customizing and I'd like a cool look for my bars but not at the expense of functionality.Read More »

I bought some cotton handkerchiefs today

it was something that my late Father always had with him. I also had them growing up, I guess it was a "like father like son" thing. I have not owned any in a long time, I'm thinking possibly 30 years, I know I've never bought any myself, they always came as gifts with the underwear at Christmas. ... Read More »

Golden Corral now offers cotton candy

in addition to the unlimited chocolate fountain. Read More »

Read More »



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