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The Portland cycling cap is a softshell cap with a moisture wicking lining great in function and style. Fits under your helmet or looks great by itself. Beige Plaid or Black with Yellow Stripes. One size fits most. 53g.

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What side of Portland do most cyclist live on ?

Im coming to Portland soon to look at homes . Is there a certain area in Portland that is more accessible to the roads that are most often used by cyclist there? Meaning if most of the good routes are on the North side than that is a good place to look assuming that it's a decent area . Oh yeah I ... Read More »

Portland State University!

What's up guys, I've lurked around here for a long time now, and have posted a few times. I live in Olympia, Washington and have recently sent my letter of intent to go to Portland State. I know that Portland is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world, and I have always wanted to get a ... Read More »

Two Bridges Loop - Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

Just sharing a few photos from this morning's ride. It's a popular route we did clockwise - Portland to Vancouver via the I-5 bridge, then riding along the WA side of the Columbia River until we reached the I-205 bridge which took us back to Portland. Portland has been having summer-like weather ... Read More »

Moving to Portland/Seattle

My wife and I are thinking about moving to Portland or Seattle in the next couple of years. We took a trip there fall and really liked the place. Industry looks pretty good for us (I'm an engineer, she's a dietitian), and we like the idea of a younger, growing city near the water. We've lived ... Read More »

Any rides on Saturday in the Portland area?

Hey there folks, I'm looking for a ~50 mile ride with some climbing. Weather forecast is looking great. Anyone have a line on something or want to invite me along? I'm an experienced rider (former racer) who's in good overall shape, but not racing shape...Read More »

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