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Smartwool Balaclava

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Castelli Windstopper Balaclava review

I had high hopes for this balaclava. The fabric is comfortable to the touch and has a nice stretch. I liked the idea of a windproof fabric to protect my cheeks. I liked the extended neck coverage. I rode with this for the first time last night in 20 deg. F weather. I quickly realized that I wou ... Read More »

Think I may have found a balaclava I like for cycling...

Outdoor Research "Options" balaclava. $24 at REI. [IMG][/IMG] [URL=""]OR Options Balaclava[/URL] Covers everything but eyes, nose, and mouth. Should work to cover forehead, neck, cheeks, ea ... Read More »

Balaclava recommendations?

Turns out that - for me anyway - a balaclava seems to be a great idea in theory, that just doesn't work in practice. Bought a Gore balaclava last year. Very well-made and keeps you nice and warm. Typical high-quality Gore product. [IMG] ... Read More »

Castelli Warmer Balaclava $11.98 (60% Off)

For all you winter cyclists, I saw this deal this morning and decided to order it to try it out. I have a Cannondale balaclava with removable facemask, but it doesn't keep my neck draft free. I hope this gives better wind protection on my neck in different positions on the bike. [IMG] ... Read More »

Balaclava wearers - fogging glasses?

So tried my first ride with a winter balaclava and had to abort and switch to a regular helmet liner after about 1mi as my glasses just completely fogged up due to breath being re-directed up inside the mask and onto my glasses. There's a cutout for nostrils and some holes over the mouth, but nothin ... Read More »

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