Blue Steel Sports Chamois Creme

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Blue Steel Sports Chamois Cream

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Pro cycling is transforming from a sports competition into a credibility contest

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande]Indeed, it often seems that pro cycling is transforming from a sports competition into a credibility contest[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande] Read more at [URL=" ... Read More »

National Endurance Sports Summit - Princeton Univ. Sept. 19-21

Just thought I would pass this along since it's in the neighborhood. This looks like it's mostly targeted to runners, but could be useful for cyclists also. [url=]National Endurance Sports Convention[/url]Read More »

NBC Sports coverage of the USA Pro Challenge ended in failure

After watching all the stages, the idiots at NBC decided to change the broadcast channel in the middle of the last stage! So, after a week of watching, I missed the last half of the final stage. What kind of f*cking morons would come up with that maneuver? Pretty hard to believe. Yes, I record a ... Read More »

Sports Drink Recomendations

During and after big rides, I seem to have a strong craving for something other than just water. On longer rides I like to carry one bottle of water and one bottle of some type of sports drink. Does anyone have any recommendations for good drinks (powder mix) to be used during riding and a good re ... Read More »

Water vs Sports Drink

I usually take two 25oz bottles of water with me on training rides but I overheard someone talking about how one should be for water, and the other should be a sports drink like Powerade. Is it common practice to use one bottle for water and the other for a sports drink and alternate between them? ... Read More »

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