BodyGlide for Her Chamois Creme

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DRY, Comfortable, Non-greasy! anti-chafe stick - stops trouble bfore it starts Based on the original anti-chafe formula trusted since 1996 Prevention is better than a cure! NEW! helps prevent & relieve chafed skin great for chapped cracked &dry skin formulated and packaged For Her For bras thighs feet Apply before activity or anytime

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Hiit for her

""...males and females completed a series of very high intensity bouts of exercise on a stationary bike for short periods of time (30 second), three times a week, for three create more new proteins as a result of this exercise than women do. The good news, however, is that men and women ... Read More »

My Niece Just Got Her CHL (Texanese for I can carry a gun legally and shoot you)

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A Girl Left Her Contacts In For 6 Months And Amoebas Ate Her Eyeballs

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Christie Brinkley credits 'special facials' for keeping her young-looking.

Christie, who first graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit some 35 years ago, credits a vegan diet and 'special facials' from her dematologist for keeping her young-looking, as she recently told People. Read more: [url= ... Read More »

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