Freddy''s Choice Chamois Creme Chamois Creme

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Cares for your skin when applied before or just after a workout or event. Especially effective for the cyclist's buttocks, with natural active ingredients that are protective and anesthetic.

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Chamois Butt'r Creme

Hello....I'm very new to cycling and have fallen in love it. For my first post, I'd like shake the hand of the person who invented "Chamois Butt'r Crème". Used it for the first time yesterday and it was nice not to wake up this morning with sand-paper butt.Read More »

Noxema as chamois creme...

I saw a recent thread mentioning this. I hate spending $10-15+ bucks on fancy Buttr or DZ Nuts or whatever, so I tried it. It works very well indeed. Only thing is, it stinks! I know, they put the scent in there because people like strong smelly meds...or maybe it is the Eucalyptus oil....wh ... Read More »

Chamois creme

I just ran out of Body Glide and thought I'd like to try something new. Any suggestions?Read More »

What type of chamois creme or lube do you used?

I have bought me some new bib shorts and was using aquaphor which is basically vaseline. I was a little concern with buildup with the aquaphor. Plus I have had some chafing issues with it. I have seen someone mention noxzema(dont know how well it would last or lube), and i am considering trying Belg ... Read More »

Will Chamois Creme Help?

Did a ride yesterday and covered a little over 100 miles wearing my Voler team kit. I rotate through about three team kits for most of the club rides. For the first time I suffered some abrasions around the edges of the chamois. I could feel the abrasions after about 40 miles, so it was grueling ... Read More »

Read More »



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