Mad Alchemy Pro Plus Chamois Creme

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Vive la difference! Pro Plus Chamois Creme from Mad Alchemy is similar to their Euro Pro and yet quite different. The difference is a gentle citrus scent that evokes cleanliness in both the nostrils and the brain. If you like to feel that you're well-scrubbed -- your white tape and shoes are spotless before the start of a race or ride -- the Pro Plus is what your nose longs for.As with their Euro Pro Creme, this creme slathered on the skin and chamois lubricates and protects your sensitive areas from the abuse of long rides. Added to the lube are essential oils to keep the skin smoothly and to help prevent bacterial and fungal growth.It's worth noting that all three Mad Alchemy chamois creme formulations work with the same base ingredients. As such, they share similar viscosity, lubricity, and are safe for both hommes and femmes. They are all veggie-based with high-quality ingredients. The main difference is the scents, though La Femme has a higher concentration of the essential oils that can help fight potential infections.The Mad Alchemy Pro Plus Chamois Creme comes in a 4 oz (120ml) tub.

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