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Noxema as chamois creme...

I saw a recent thread mentioning this. I hate spending $10-15+ bucks on fancy Buttr or DZ Nuts or whatever, so I tried it. It works very well indeed. Only thing is, it stinks! I know, they put the scent in there because people like strong smelly meds...or maybe it is the Eucalyptus oil....wh ... Read More »

Chamois creme

I just ran out of Body Glide and thought I'd like to try something new. Any suggestions?Read More »

What type of chamois creme or lube do you used?

I have bought me some new bib shorts and was using aquaphor which is basically vaseline. I was a little concern with buildup with the aquaphor. Plus I have had some chafing issues with it. I have seen someone mention noxzema(dont know how well it would last or lube), and i am considering trying Belg ... Read More »

Will Chamois Creme Help?

Did a ride yesterday and covered a little over 100 miles wearing my Voler team kit. I rotate through about three team kits for most of the club rides. For the first time I suffered some abrasions around the edges of the chamois. I could feel the abrasions after about 40 miles, so it was grueling ... Read More »

What Happened to Assos Chamois Creme?

I just bought a new tub of it. I noticed the new logo, but didn't realize they changed the cream until I opened it. It's blue! Then I looked at the ingredient list. It's completely changed. They've just about doubled the number of ingredients. Things like witch hazel and oak bark extract have been r ... Read More »

Read More »

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