Adidas Supernova Eyewear

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anybody get any supernova viewing yet?

Can't see a damn thing here in the suburban light sprawl. Is it worth a drive to the country? Or will I just see a bright dot?Read More »

Supernova visible from inner space

There is a Supernova visible for the next two weeks with quality binoculars or a telescope. Tonight and Friday night will be the brightest. [IMG][/IMG] [url= ... Read More »

08 jamis supernova sizing

hello. i am pretty set on a supernova mostly for road training and occasional ride off road. before i pull the trigger, are there any supernova owners who can give me some insight on frame sizing? i've searched and have only come up with one or two somewhat helpful reviews. i am 5'9" wit ... Read More »

Paid SPAM-2007 61cm Jamis Supernova cross bike-Sram Force

Ad paid for so it is SPAM. I posted for sale my 2007 61cm Jamis Supernova cross bike. I do not want to sell, but funding for my education demands it! Ad here: [URL=""] ... Read More »

2007 Jamis Supernova

I just purchased a new 54 cm 2007 Jamis Supernova. It's hard to find a better cross bike for the money (about $1800 w/out pedals). The Easton fork alone is $500! The bike weighs about 20lbs as shown, although Jamis claims 18.5 lbs for a 54 cm. This bike handles great on and off road, although I ... Read More »





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