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Dual Eyewear Cycling Oriented Sunglass Bifocals

The bicycle dates back to the early 1800's, bifocals date back even earlier, but it wouldn't be until 2011 when Louis Viggio would bring the two together. Viggio, no stranger to the bike industry, discovered he could no longer read the small numbers on his bike computer and cell phone while out for ...    Read More »

Lazer Sports Debuts New Vision Division and Eyewear

Lazer previewed their introductory 2012 line of cycling eyewear consisting of five different models at Press Camp in Utah today. Designed to compliment their rollsys helmet system, the lineup includes 3 interchangeable lense models, an entry level price point model, and a casual off the bike model. ...    Read More »

Tifosi Optics 2012 Eyewear Lineup

Matt Canto from Tifosi Optics shows us the new 2012 lineup at Deer Valley Press Camp. Tifosi Optics Tempt Adjustable nose and ear pieces Available in Interchangeable model Available in Fototec and Polarized Fototec models $59.95-$89.95 Tifosi Optics Altar Shield piece Adjus ...    Read More »

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What are cyclists with Coke Bottles using for eyewear?

I have some older Smiths with a prescription insert that I've been using for quite a while... (glue and tape) While at the optometrists office recently, I saw on display some very cool Rudys that I would have bought on the spot, but was told that there was a limit to the strength of prescription the ... Read More »

Need eyewear opinion...

And since I know there are a few here, I figured I'd ask. What glasses do you like to ride with? The reason I ask is I'm looking to replace my Smith Diablo sliders.. I do ride at night, so I'd like the option of of clear.. but do I just ride with the clear Oakley M frames that I still have? Has ... Read More »

oakley sunglasses outlet provide fashion eyewear

Tennis glasses are also designed to make it easier to see the yellow tennis ball flying at your head even with the sun directly in your eyes.They also come with a customizable nose grip for the perfect fit. [url=http://www.cheapoakleys2sale.com/]fake oakleys[/url] The frames come in pink, black, whi ... Read More »

Eyewear for below 30 deg.

I am going to start hitting the roads thru winter. I have everything I will need except for my eyes. My route has climbs and descents. I don't want the distraction of watery eyes. I have Oakley Radars & M-Frames. Are ski/ snowboarding goggles a good choice for 30 miles in an Iowa Feb.?Read More »

Ekoi helmets and eyewear?

Anyone know the story behind them? I know the AG2R cycling team is using their helmets, but that's about it. One of their sunglasses resemble (or possibly is identical) to the Catlike Shadow for like half the price, except single lens and one color. [IMG]http://ekoistore.com/images/products/2802 ... Read More »

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