Blur Optics Sinister Eyewear

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Wide stylish profile, solid construction, and satin finish.

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Am I bad at installing tubes, or is there some other sinister actions afoot?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong in installing tubes, but it seems that nearly 50% of the Bontrager tubes I install have some kind of hole, rip, or tear that shows up when I install it...normally before I even have a chance to ride the bike. Most of my patch kit has gone to patching up new Bontrager ... Read More »

Bike Hire Schemes are 'Sinister UN Plot'

[URL=";&WT.mc_id=mail_bike_17%20augustus%202010"]Against the Constitution?[/URL]Read More »

There's something sinister about this flower

I dunno, like it's going to bite your face off or something. Really amped up. My wife took this the other day, and no matter how long I look at it, it 1) doesn't look real and 2) looks menacing or something. Reminds me of those paintings I saw in my college Abnormal Psychology book. The ones of the ... Read More »

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