Briko Cox Eyewear

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Product Description

  • Base 8 lenses
  • Thrama lenses available
  • Inserto nasello in Thermolast
  • Anallergic, slip-proof support end bits made of Thermoflex 2-Fit
  • 2 interchangeable lenses included

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Courtney Cox

Making a bicycle :)Read More »

Michael Cox, who filmed its antics, said that the animal can keep it up for up to 15

minutes at a time... [url][/url]Read More »

ATTN BJ (aka Wesley Francis Cox)

[url][/url] The split-crotch with the skidmark is mine, and I'd really like it back. Thank you very much.Read More »

Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story

Just watched this movie on DVD, and it's pretty funny. I think it's a lot funnier if you have a good knowledge of music history, or at least have seen "Ray" and "Walk the Line." For my money, the best parts of the movie are the songs. There's a brilliant satire of Bob Dylan, circa 1963, called Royal ... Read More »

Ryan Cox passes away

From Supersport (a South African website) Ryan Cox, one of South Africa's top cyclists, lost the fight for his life in a Gauteng hospital early on Wednesday morning after the main artery in his left leg burst on Tuesday. The SuperSport Zone wishes to express its sincere condolences to his family ... Read More »

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