Briko Scan Eyewear

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Product Description

  • Base 8 lens
  • Thrama lenses available
  • Nose piece in Thermolast
  • Anallergic, slip-proof support end bits made of Thermoflex
  • Protective case

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Online Retailer Scan or not

Been looking around for sites that sell bike components for cheap. I came across this one, [url][/url], does anyone know if this place is legite or not? Prices are very cheap. Thanks, MarRead More »

The last CT Scan of the season!

Definitely not good news. Very troubling indeed. With the onset of colder weather on the East Coast and the need to wear more layers of clothing, I predict it will be a tough season for spotting the ever elusive Camel Toe when out riding. It will be like having a lead wall erected between you and ... Read More »

Mind Over Miles - 24hrs, 255mi. A fMRI Brain Scan Fundraiser.

Mark your calendar and join me on September 29th, 2011 in my journey across four States as I bicycle 255 miles in 24 hours from Bristol, CT to Portland, ME to help raise funds for Christine; a dear friend who suffers from Prolonged Post-Concussion Syndrome — a “mild” form of Traumatic Brain Injury. ... Read More »

Another CT Scan

This time it was my sinuses. Guess what. There 's nothing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot!Read More »

Read More »



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