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Dog Mace

Okay, I've had it with aggressive dogs! Last night I had to cut an awesome ride short because a pack of 5 or 6 dogs were in the road about a quarter mile out... I stopped and watched to see if they were going to move along, but they just started running towards me... I turned my bike around and hea ... Read More »

Mace / Pepper Spray holster

I few months back I seen a thread on here showing pics of a Mace / Pepper Spray holster someone posted, after being chased by a few dogs (always when I come to a hill) I'm ready to fight back...... Hope you guys can help.Read More »

Is cop mace...

really that much better than the stuff they sell to us regular folks?? Why won't they let me buy it?? v_vRead More »

next time I'm gonna have mace at the ready

I was out for a late night walk/jog around 11:30pm passing a local golf course/tennis center when a car pulled up to the intersection I was about to cross and stopped. I decided to cut across the grass and turn right instead of walk past the car. Then, 4 guy hopped out of the car - one of them mum ... Read More »

The Power of Mace

It's been a while since self defense (people, dogs, drivers & other evil doers) has been a discussion thread and I don't want to start another one of those heated discussions. I came upon this eyewitness account of the power of mace. It seems that a motorist in Dallas was calling a friend/colleag ... Read More »

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