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Dragon Twin

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Twin Bridges group ride

Sorry it's last minute. Group ride Sunday morning. 9am leaving Vallejo. Doing Twin Bridges ride counter clockwise.Read More »

Twin Six Jersey Exchange

I noticed Twin Six is having a jersey exchange offer. You send them an old ugly jersey and $36 and they'll send you a new jersey. Through 1/9/13. Plus your jersey will be entered in an Ugliest Jersey contest. The more I type the word 'jersey' the stranger it looks, by Jove. [url]http://www.twinsi ... Read More »

Romney's twin brother running in 2016!

I knew it! I knew there couldn't be just one of them out there. Seems Romney isn't letting the Presidential seat out of his sight just yet. You tell me this guy wouldn't make a good Republican candidate in 2016? He's definitely got all the qualifications. [IMG]http://aburriss.tripod.com/jbakk ... Read More »

Tyler's vanishing twin.

So, what [URL="http://blogs.denverpost.com/sports/2012/09/08/tyler-hamilton-vanishing-twin-alibi-idea/23494/"]bank[/URL] did he rob? [QUOTE] I remember visiting Tyler Hamilton in his Boulder home where he and his then-wife, Haven, tried convincing me that his two positive drug tests due to ... Read More »

Parabox vs. V Twin...

Have there been any shootouts between the TRP Parabox and Hope's V twin? Very little reviews out there. I can't decide between the two. I'm not going to wait for the Hywire, since I don't need Di2 shifters on my SS and TRP won't be producing the Hywire w/o Di2 anytime soon. So, if anyone has ... Read More »

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