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EKOI DX Eyewear

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1987 Panasonic dx-2000 good deal?

Hello all, I am looking to get into cycling and want a cheap starter bike to make sure I truly and interested long term. Here is a link to a bike, the seller was willing to go down to $260. Is that a fair price. From what I've read that sounds a bit high but maybe in missing something about the bike ... Read More »

What is faster than Giant Cypress Dx and almost as comfortable?

Could anyone please recommend to me a bike like the Giant Cypress DX (24 speed) that is faster and lighter and almost as comfortable? I am looking for comfort, versatility and speed. I am trying to stay in a budget of $550 new or $350 used. I will mostly ride on pavement, sidewalks, light grav ... Read More »

Topeak DynaPack DX Seat Bag - ok to mount on carbon seat post?

Hi all, I have been commuting to work a few times a week and my back gets super sweaty with a backpack. I decided to purchase a Topeak DynaPack DX Seat Bag. It's really cool because it just hooks onto the seat post. It's just big enough for me to carry my clothes, lunch, and tubes/pump. I ... Read More »

89 Panasonic DX-5000, Need Help!

Found this bike on CL. Guy wants $325 for it. From the pics it seems there's a few scratches. My gut says it's not worth $325. What should I offer??? Edit: Nevermind. Went and looked at it. There's a big dent right in the middle of the top tube, about 30% deep. The cable guide next to the ... Read More »

Should I attempt repair to Shimano DX RF+ shift lever?

Hello. Long time no see. I know this is an MTBR question, but I'm not registered over there, so I'm here. I know you know the answer anyway. I'm selling my old beater. I pulled it off the wall and took it for a spin for the first time in a year. I cannot upshift the rear cassette at all. ... Read More »

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