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EKOI EX Eyewear

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MSRP : $65.00

Product Description

  • Glass mounted cat. Iridium 3 anti-fog
  • 100% UV
  • Frame wrap headband
  • 4 side vents and a front anti-fog vent
  • Non-slip inserts on the temples for perfect fit

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Ex Bodybuilder Getting Into Road Bikes....

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ex-pro, accused doper, working as a Chaperone?

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"Attaboy" ex-Marine "an embarrassment to those who served"

"When I read about the open letter that former Marine Joshua Boston sent to Sen. Dianne Feinstein regarding his gun rights, I couldn't help but feel temporarily ashamed of also sharing the title of former Marine." "Boston's attitude towards authority is frankly disgusting and his open letter is w ... Read More »

Armstrong’s ex-wife involved in doping scheme

More evidence released: [QUOTE][B]Hincapie said to have lied to US Customs about EPO in luggage[/B] Lance Armstrong's ex-wife, Kristin, is said to have not only known about but also participated in his doping practices, helping to refrigerate EPO and distribute drugs to US riders at the 1998 Wo ... Read More »

Ex Mac fan boys, how was the change?

I have finally had enough of Apple and their screw the customer customer service. I wish Ibis bikes made computers, their CS is top notch. So after using Macs since 1991 (Duo 280c) loving the simplicity of the OS and having bought a number greater than 10 Apple products I am not looking forward to s ... Read More »

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