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riding with goggles

like some of the other old farts on here I have multifocal glasses... I have only been riding since last july, but have been unable to find any thing that would keep my glasses in place comfortably... I use goggles with prescription lenses when I ride my dirt motorcycles and my motards so I thougt ... Read More »

"You Will Want Google Goggles"

"One criticism of Google's demo video of Project Glass is that it paints a picture of a guy lost in his own digital cocoon. But Starner argues that a heads-up display will actually tether you more firmly to real-life social interactions." [url=http://www.technologyreview.com/review/428212/you-wil ... Read More »

z87 + photochromic + TT riding position Goggles/Glasses?

Don't do TT, but do prefer a decent drop. Most glasses are out because I have to crane my neck to avoid looking into a thick brow ridge or over the top. Found some photochromic, rimless, big-lens cycling glasses today. Nice, but I'd like them even better if I could wear them to work (need z87 for ... Read More »


Okay.... This cold wind is just freakin' for the birds. 20 degrees + 30 mph winds = I'm on Metro. But for those days when I decide to ride, I need to protect my eyes. Because it's dark out on both ends of my ride, I need clear lenses in my eye protection. But my sunglasses with clear lenses le ... Read More »

RX swim goggles

Now that I know my Rx and seeing that Rx swim goggles arent that much, I had a question. One of my eyes is -3.75 diopter or whatever it's called. The other is -4. I noticed Rx swim goggle go from -3.5 straight to -4. Now for my eye that is -3.75 would it be better to get the -3.5 or -4? ... Read More »

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