Kaenon Kore Eyewear

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The Kore Polarized Sunglasses are made with high-quality materials and designed for those who take their outdoor sports seriously.

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Gave up on my OEM Kore cantis... Good riddance!

I suffered with these things for three years. I distrust throwing parts at my bike, and everybody says that nobody's brakes work during a 'cross race. So I figured my brakes were not really sucking more than anybody else's. I got some Kool Stop pads and sucked it up. But I got suspicious. The ... Read More »

kore cantilevers... don't get the white ones

apparently the kore cantilevers in white are not the ones that come with the barrel adjuster... anyone know where to get just the barrel adjuster? I'd prefer not to go on with inline barrel adjusters... It looks like there is just a bolt to replace:confused:Read More »

Does anyone know anything about Kore Wheels

I was looking at the this wheelset, but cannot find anyone's comments on them. I love the color scheme, and they would be primarily a training wheel any thoughts? [url]http://www.kore-usa.com/products/09wheel_streamline_new.html[/url]Read More »

Kore Canti's - anyone?

Anyone using the Kore cantilevers? Searched the forum and came up w/ minimum info...Just bought a set off of ebay on an impulse--really cheap. Are they any good? Was going to use these to replace the Shimano R550's I've got right now...would like more mud clearance than the Shimano's offer. thanks.. ... Read More »

Kore Race + brakes

hey... I just ordered a set of these and am really happy with them. great power and easy to adjust (including toe-in) However, although the new ones come with the barrel adjusters, the set that came was "old stock" w/o out it. For those of you in the same position, you can get your bike shop t ... Read More »

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