Limar F Series Eyewear

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  • Frame: Grilamid TR90 - Adjustable rubber nose pad - Aluminium temples

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Felt F Series Stiffness

As far as I know, the Scott Foil is pretty much the stiffest bike around, or at least is known as such. Does anyone have any numbers that compare the F Series to the Scott Foil? Anecdotal evidence is not a number.Read More »

New and looking for a road bike Dura-Ace Manual or Ultegra D12 (Felt Bike - F series)

This is my first post and hopefully my question makes some type of sense. I'm on the other side of 50 and wanting to re-kindle my love of riding. I want to hopefully do a Century this time next year. My goal was to spend no more that $3,000.00 but it appear that the bikes that interest me are a ... Read More »

2011 F-series saddle replacement?

I need some advice since the 3 LBS here in N. Atlanta have a limited selection of aftermarket saddles. I am a big fan of the stock Felt Superlite saddle that came on my 2011 Felt F4. It's got some wear and tear on it now, and I'd like to upgrade to a lighter saddle with the same shape and a decent ... Read More »

2013 F Series Team Issue

The [URL=""]international Felt website[/URL] lists a F4 and F95 Team Issue in Argos Shimano colours. I haven't seen any online or in the flesh and I have found only one photograph so far Any ideas when these will be available in LBS ... Read More »

F-Series Seatpost Clamp Change

If you purchased a 2011 F-Series (first year of the redesign) you got a single clamp seatpost, but the newer ones now come with a double clamp seatpost binder. Anyone have any insight on the reason for the change? Felt is now selling the double clamp on their website and I was thinking about picki ... Read More »

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