Native Eyewear Cable Eyewear

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The Cable Interchangeable Polarized Sunglasses use vents on the top of the frame to help keep your lenses fog- and condensation-free.

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Inline cable Adjuster front derailleur how to?

My inline FD adjuster kinda came off, the jacket of the cable came a little loose and part of the wire is sticking out, and I don't feel comfortable about it. Maybe it wasn't done right when originally installed at the bike dealer when bought new. I'm planning on replacing the cable and install the ... Read More »

best shifting brake cable for SRAM

What is the "best"? I read Yokozuna is good. Only the top of the line one, or others equally good?Read More »

computer cable for powertap G3

I need to update the firmware on my G3. I don't recognize the computer cable outlet on the removable section of this powertap hub. Is this a common computer cable or something specific to the powertap? Thanks for any help.Read More »

New Shimano 9000 PTFE Shift/Brake cable & housing

I left our bikes (both 7900 equipped) with the shop while on vacation to have them install the new shift/brake cable and housing picking up yesterday upon our return. Once home I noticed that only 3 of the newly designed 9000 "sealed" ferrules for the housing ends that is supplied in the box wa ... Read More »

Derailleur Cable Stop Broke off anyone experienced this? Fixes?!

Hi folks, I have a 2005 Carbon TCR Advanced Team and I love this frame! This morning the cable stop snapped off the rear and threw everything into high gear at the back - managed not to crash (just)! Has anyone had this happen and be able to fix it? I'm hoping that perhaps some high quality e ... Read More »

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