Native Eyewear Cable Eyewear

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The Cable Interchangeable Polarized Sunglasses use vents on the top of the frame to help keep your lenses fog- and condensation-free.

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Cable groove in EA70 road bars

I just purchased an EA70 handlebar and I thought it was supposed to be grooved for cables. This one is not. Did Easton make a recent design change? I would prefer that the bar be grooved.Read More »

Shifting Cable Difference

After building my bike, I've had an ongoing trial getting my shift cable housing to optimum length. Now that I believe that I've found it, I want to install good cable and housing (instead of the basic cable/housing that came with shifters). I need to use Shimano style cables and am willing to pay f ... Read More »

Please Help - Older Cannondale, Broken RD Cable Stop

When putting a '95 R400 back together the rear derailleur cable stop broke loose from the chainstay. It looks like there is threaded bushing in the stop which threads to a bolt through the chainstay. The bushing sheared off leaving a part of it on the bolt and the rest in the stop. I'm new to ... Read More »

Campy Brake Cable Anchor Options

I've been battling corrosion issues with the cable anchor (Record), in particular the small square. The parts are listed differently between Record and SR. I'm going to guess that BR-RE210 (the SR part) is all made from Ti? Does anyone have any info on these IE are they Ti, good place to source t ... Read More »

Look 695 Cable Stops

As much as I love my 695, it is frustrating that they use so fiddly cable stop, at least from my point of view. What I am specifically referring to is the cable stops for the rear brake cable. As you can see from the picture, the cable stop consists of 2 parts, black and silver. I am missing the sil ... Read More »

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