Northwave Horizon Eyewear

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The exclusive frame and lens design ensure the highest visibility to cyclists allowing him/her to increase the value of his/her performance thanks to HORIZON sunglasses best depth perception.The special top end lens cut and the bi-dimensional frame of HORIZON, refine the aerodynamic performance. These technical improvements prevent air from hitting the lenses by gliding it away, avoiding any turbulence.

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Deepwater Horizon Disaster...The first 36 hours in pictures:

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More on Deepwater Horizon problem

I found this detailed description of equipment this morning and more importantly to my mind, the discussions by people who know what they are talking about. They raise the same question I had, why didn't they see the kick and respond to it. Nobody knows but you might find the discussions interesting ... Read More »

Deep Horizon Survivors Coerced To Sign Waivers

False imprisonment? [url][/url]Read More »

What's on the Supreme Court horizon.

The Supreme Court and it's decisions have been a hot topic as of late so when I looked at the newest addition of The National Law Journal and read the article concerning what cases the high court might accept for it's next term I decided to post a few. Last year a three judge court of appeals pa ... Read More »

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